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Location: 596-KM Southeast Of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh.
Approach: By Air, Rail and Road direct upto Khajuraho.
Attractions: For Their Sculptures.

Since the ancient times, India has exuded a vibrant passion, an unbridled sensuality. Eroticism has been very much a part and parcel of the Indian ethos. In this segment, we feature a facet of exotic India which celebrates erotica like no other- Khajuraho! A UNESCO World Heritage site, Khajuraho is situated in the Chatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India. To its credit, Khajuraho has some of the world famous medieval Hindu and Jain temples which are widely renowned for their fascinating erotic rock carvings.

These magnificently sculpted temples have been constructed by the Chandela dynasty in a span of 100 years from 950-1050 A.D. in an area spanning 21 Originally, there were 85 temples constructed in the North Indian ‘Nagara’ style of architecture in river sandstone and dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Jain Tirthankaras. However, only 22 temples have survived the test of time and stand tall in their glory at Khajuraho, once the cultural capital of the mighty Chandela kingdom.


The temples in Khajuraho are not about religious fervor or a burst of spiritualism. These temples are all about the gay celebration of life. Elegantly proportioned, they depict royalty, armies, wrestling, kinship, war, courtship, marriage, lovemaking, music and dancing, spiritual teachings, union, meditation, bliss, gods, goddesses, plants, animals and an abundance of all human forms. Most importantly, and for which Khajuraho is known for, the temples depict deities and celestial maidens in sensuous and provocative postures, voluptuous dancers and musicians engaged in courtly love; the sculptures show warm and sexual depictions as well as explicit sexual activity.